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Are you tired of those lame kiddy websites? Want a more mature website to go to for Kirby information? Well look no further! SwordKirby537 of Silver Koopa & Friends presents Kirby Club Online! Bitches.
                             NEWS AND UPDATES
12-28-04 SwordKirby537
Its been forever scince an update but stay tuned...
8-5-04 SwordKirby537
Its been months scince I have posted an update! Well I have decided to change the message board. Our new message board is the Message Board of GS!
1-16-04 SwordKirby537
Ok, I'm back, bringing you the first update of 2004! Anyway, I just found out that there might be another new Kirby game in the works, "Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble Advance"! Go to the games page for more info. See Ya!
12-19-03 SwordKirby537
I just added info about Kirby Bowl (another 64 game that got cancled) Go the the games page for more info.
12-12-03 Swordkirby537
I added exclusive brand new info about a new upcoming Kirby game! Go to the games section for more info. I also updated the episode guide. I added iformation about the next Kirby ep wich will air tomarow. I also did ALOT of updating in the games section. Thats all, see ya!
11-29-03 Swordkirby537
I'v been adding lots of information to the episode guide but I keep for getting to post my updates X___X. But now I finaly posted them (duh). 
11-2-03 Swordkirby537
Genesissonic, a good friend of mine, is now a staff member!

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