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Duigi / GrassKirb's GroupBoard
Jokestr2002's GroupBoard
Sprite Comic City (GroupBoard)
Chaos Knight's GroupBoard
Kirby's GroupBoard
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NCO Presents: Online Communities

Here is a list of all our favorite forums, and links to them.
Kirby Super Board (OUR OWN BOARD!)
Kirby's Rainbow Resort (Probably the best board we've ever been to.)
Gamefaqs Message Board (If your an all-out video game freak, go here)
Acmlm's Message Board (Do you like HUGE boards and game hacking? This is the place for you.)
Metroid Database Forum (Great Forum, but you need to register to even view it)
Gamespy Forums (Interestly large forum, again for hard-core video gamers.)
Are we missing one of you're favorite forums? Suggest them HERE!

COPYRIGHT NOTES (IMPORTANT!): Do not claim these boards yours! Especially from our site because only one these are ours! DO NOT STEAL! If you steal one, I will tell the webmaster of the board they are from. All Rights Reserved.