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Are you looking for fun? How about action? Laughs? Well, you'll find all that here on one page!

How crazed for Kirby are YOU? Find out below.

1. No Brainer: You don't no what Kirby is.

2. Water Drop: You are new to Kirby

3. Puff Ball: You are not a big Kirby fan.

4. Dream Lander: Kirby is OK to you.

5. Adventurer: You'd accept a game as a gift. You play it normally.

6. Dream Hero: You like Kirby.

7. Hero of Lore: Kirby is cool to you. (Average Kirby fan.)

8. Star Warrior: Kirby is real cool to you.

9. Star Champion: Kirby is amazingly cool to you. You love it.

10. Star Master: The ultimate Kirby fan. Kirby is nearly your life.

Print-Out Quiz to Determine your Kirby Craze

You Know when you been around Kirby too much when:
  • you try to inhale you dinner in one breath.
  • you to fly by puffing yourself up and flapping your arms.
  • you try to inhale a blob of plasma.
  • you try to duck by squishing yourself together to make yourself half the size you were before.
  • you go on a perilous quest to gather pieces of a broken star, (a comet) and bring it to a fountain just to get in trouble with the cops.
  • you think the world you live in is a star.
  • you go up to someone shorter than you and say, "Golly, your pretty big!".
  • you are at an ocean and you say to your friend, "Boy, the ocean's pretty orange this season.".
These are only some examples, please e-mail us with your ideas.
There will be more fun stuff, (heh, heh) once we, uh, come up with more, i-i-id-deas. [The NCO company goes home and cries, as if they were failures] Umm, I got an Idea! Y'all can submit your 'Fun Stuff' ideas to me:!

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