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Kirby Club Online
Print-Out Quiz to Determine your Kirby Craze

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This quiz will help you determine your craze for Kirby, within 15 questions, you will find out exactly how much you like Kirby.

Print this page, and take a pen or pencil and find out how much you like Kirby.
Here it goes!
1. How many Kirby games do you own?
a. All
b. Most
c. Some
d. None
2. Do you watch the TV show?
a. Yeah, all the time!
b. Sometimes
c. If I have nothing better to do
d. Never
3. Do you talk about Kirby?
a. Yeah, It rules!
b. Sometimes
c. Never
d. No one listens to me.
4. If so, how much do you talk about Kirby?
e. A lot
f. Sometimes
g. Never
h. I told you, I don't talk about KIRBY!
5. Is Kirby one of your favorite game series?
a. Yes
b. No
6. Is Kirby one of your favorite TV shows?
a. Yes
b. No
7. Do you own any Kirby decorations in your house?
a. Yes
b. No
8. Do you try to convince your friends to like Kirby?
a. Yes
b. No
c. I don't like Kirby
d. All my friends alreadly like Kirby
9. If all your friends like Kirby, is it because of you?
e. Yes
f. No
g. I convinced some of them
h. I don't like Kiby
10. Were you excited about Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland?
a. Yeah, I couldn't wait.
b. A little bit
c. not really
d. NO!
11. If you were excited, do you own it now?
e. Yeah, it's cool!
f. No, but I still want it.
h. I was never excited in the first place.
12. Do you dream about Kirby?
a. Yes.
b. No.
c. I don't even want to think about it.
13. If so, how much do you dream?
d. A lot.
e. sometimes
f. never
g. I do, but they're always bad dreams.
14. Do you have a Kirby website?
a. Yes
b. No
15. Do you search the web for Kirby stuff?
a. Yes
b. Sometimes
c. Never
Now that you've finished the quiz, here are the results.
1. a.1 point, b.1/2 point, c.1/4 point, d.0 points. 2. a.1 point, b.1/2 point, c.1/4 point, d.0 points. 3. a.1 point, b.1/2 point, c.0 points, d.1/2 points. 4. e.1 point, f.1/2 point, g.0 points, h.0 points. 5. a.1 point b.0 points. 6. a.1 point, b.0 points. 7. a.1 point, b.0 points. 8. a.1 point, b.0 points, c.0 points, d.1/2 point. 9. e.1 point, f.0 points, g.1/2 points, h.0 points. 10. a.1 point, b.1/2 point, c.1/4 points, d.0 points. 11. e.1 point, f.1/2 point, g.0 points, h.0 points. 12. a.1 point, b.0 points, c.0 points. 13. d.1 point, e.1/2 points, f.0 points, g.1/2 points. 14. a.1 point, b.0 points. 15. a.1 point b.1/2 points, c.0 points.
Now Calculate the points you've earned and find out you 'Kirby Craze' on the chart below.
No Brainer
Water Drop
Puff Ball
Dream Lander
Dream Hero
10-11 POINTS:
Hero of Lore
12-13 POINTS:
Star Warrior
Star Champion
Star Master
Below are the meanings and ranks for the scores above.

1. No Brainer: You don't no what Kirby is.

2. Water Drop: You are new to Kirby

3. Puff Ball: You are not a big Kirby fan.

4. Dream Lander: Kirby is OK to you.

5. Adventurer: You'd accept a game as a gift. You play it normally.

6. Dream Hero: You like Kirby.

7. Hero of Lore: Kirby is cool to you. (Average Kirby fan.)

8. Star Warrior: Kirby is real cool to you.

9. Star Champion: Kirby is amazingly cool to you. You love it.

10. Star Master: The ultimate Kirby fan. Kirby is nearly your life.