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<HammerGuy> It's wierd that someones been gone all day but I'm happy

<Kurikachu> huh?

<HammerGuy> It's not Nario, It's a certain annoying person


<@Duigi> um

<@Duigi> me?


<HammerGuy> no

<Kurikachu> ME?!?!?!?!?

<@Duigi> no me!

<HammerGuy> no

<@Duigi> ME!

<@Duigi> MEEEEEEE!

<Kurikachu> meeco?

<HammerGuy> not you Duigi


<@Duigi> aww


<@Duigi> ) :

<Kurikachu> meeco

<@Duigi> ulti?

<HammerGuy> It's a Annoying person to certain people

<HammerGuy> yeah

<@Duigi> i win :S

<Kurikachu> o

<Kurikachu> ulti

<HammerGuy> 10 points to Duigi

<@Duigi(10)> hes not annoying anymor

<@Duigi(10)> e

<HammerGuy> oh

<HammerGuy> 2nd Question:What's pie+2?

<@Duigi(10)> 2 pies!

<@Duigi(10)> no wait....a pie and two slices!

<HammerGuy> Yopu r right!

<@Duigi(10)> a pie and two slices?

<HammerGuy> that one

<@Duigi(10)> :D

<HammerGuy> IS RIGHT! 10 more points to Duigi

<@Duigi(20)> :D

<Kurikachu> uh oh

<HammerGuy> This ones for 20 points

<@Duigi(20)> :D

<HammerGuy> My Intials?

<@Duigi(20)> HG!

<@Duigi(20)> SP!

<@Duigi(20)> umm...

<HammerGuy> SP is right!

<@Duigi(20)> OOOH!

<HammerGuy> 40 points total to Duigi

<@Duigi(40)> i maremember cuz of some person

<@Duigi(40)> maremer*

<@Duigi(40)> marember*

<@Duigi(40)> next ?

<@Duigi(40)> !!

<HammerGuy> Next Question: Kurik is part of (blank) and (blank)

<HammerGuy> part of*

<@Duigi(40)> hey!

<Kurikachu(0)> Kuriboh and Pikachu

<@Duigi(40)> thats no fair!

<HammerGuy> 10 points

<@Duigi(40)> im not him and i hate pokemon!

<Kurikachu(10)> =(

<@Duigi(40)> sorry

<@Duigi(40)> lol

<Kurikachu(10)> don't be haten

<HammerGuy> Next Qustion:Duigi and Nario's Real Nams

<HammerGuy> Name*

<@Duigi(40)> dimitri and niko..

<HammerGuy> That was fast

<Kurikachu(10)> another unfair moment

<@Duigi(40)> lol

<@Duigi(40)> how many points?

<HammerGuy> 10 points plus 5 points bonus

<HammerGuy> for a quick ansher

<HammerGuy> 2+2?

<@Duigi(55)> 4

<Kurikachu(10)> 4

<@Duigi(55)> i win!

<HammerGuy> ..

<HammerGuy> no "2+2"

<@Duigi(55)> 22

<@Duigi(55)> no!

<HammerGuy> no...

<@Duigi(55)> 2+2~

<@Duigi(55)> !!

<HammerGuy> keep going

<Kurikachu(10)> 2+2=4?

<@Duigi(55)> 2+2

<HammerGuy> Duigi's right!

<@Duigi(55)> i said that!

<HammerGuy> 2+2 is 2+2

<@Duigi(55)> <@Duigi(55)> 2+2~

<@Duigi(55)> g2g

<Kurikachu(10)> cya

<HammerGuy> bye

<@Duigi(55)> bye

<NEGA RAGG> 2+2 is 9!

<@Duigi(55)> i win by 55 points!


<@Duigi(65)> bye :D

<HammerGuy> bye

<Kurikachu(10)> bye

<Kurikachu(10)> im dumb

<NEGA RAGG> king is hungery with power!!!!!!!!hes trying to eat jy!

<NEGA RAGG> *king eats jy*

<NEGA RAGG> .....


<NEGA RAGG> *gets a banana as a replacement


<HammerGuy> dumb + smart=

<Kurikachu(10)> dumb+smart=me

<NEGA RAGG> no one will kno.....

<HammerGuy> kinda

<HammerGuy> .5 points to Kurik

<HammerGuy> not 5. ".5"

<HammerGuy> Ragg's age?

<HammerGuy> not real life

<HammerGuy> Ragg's

<Kurikachu(10.5)> beats me

<Kurikachu(10.5)> 768957967?

<Kurikachu(10.5)> 435?


<Kurikachu(10.5)> 35?

<Kurikachu(10.5)> 6?

<Kurikachu(10.5)> 35546587987655?

<HammerGuy> Ask Ragg....

<NEGA RAGG> around 20- 40.....

<NEGA RAGG> no one knos

<Kurikachu(10.5)> around 20-40!!

<Kurikachu(10.5)> hey

<HammerGuy> Then no points to anyone

<HammerGuy> Next qustion:(blank)

<Kurikachu(10.5)> erag

<HammerGuy> What's the awnser?

<Kurikachu(10.5)> erag!

<NEGA RAGG> bank?

<HammerGuy> to :(blank)


<Kurikachu(10.5)> k

<Kurikachu(10.5)> erag

<Kurikachu(10.5)> !!

<Kurikachu(10.5)> erah?

<Kurikachu(10.5)> erad?

<HammerGuy> Kurik what's the awnser to: (blank)

<Kurikachu(10.5)> erag!

<Kurikachu(10.5)> erag is the answer

<HammerGuy> no.....

<HammerGuy> keep guessing

<Kurikachu(10.5)> erad?

<HammerGuy> no

<Kurikachu(10.5)> duigi has more points than me?

<Kurikachu(10.5)> I'm cool?

<Kurikachu(10.5)> ur cool?

<HammerGuy> Kurik

<HammerGuy> You right!

<HammerGuy> Duigi has more points than you

<Kurikachu(10.5)> yay

<NEGA RAGG(brb)> d isnt here

<HammerGuy> 65 points

<NEGA RAGG(brb)> back

<HammerGuy> to Kurik

<NEGA RAGG(brb)> i kno

<NEGA RAGG(brb)> but look

<HammerGuy> This Question is for Ragg for 30 points:

<HammerGuy> What does Dictator mean to you?

<Kurikachu(21)> oooh! oooh! i know what it means to me!!

<NEGA RAGG(brb)> dictator- someone who rules without laws or bounadries with there power

<HammerGuy> 30 points for Ragg

<NEGA RAGG(brb)> o diss

<HammerGuy> A Question for Kurik for 9 points and to tie with Ragg:

<HammerGuy> What's Big Weas?

<HammerGuy> A Dictator

<HammerGuy> A Webmaster

<HammerGuy> or....

<HammerGuy> A Hot dog bun?

<Ragg(30pts)> OO!!!OO!!!

<Ragg(30pts)> I KNO!!!!!!

<Kurikachu(21)> A Hot Dog Bun

<HammerGuy> wrong

<Ragg(30pts)> a dictator/webmaster

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> It's for Kurik

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> not Ragg

<Ragg(30pts)> er...

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> ..

<Kurikachu(21)> A won't say dictator cause what it means to me is sick....

<Kurikachu(21)> so webmaster

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> k

<Ragg(30pts)> its is now!

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> 9 points to Kurik

<Ragg(39pts)> HA!

<Ragg(39pts)> i win

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> not Ragg

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> -9 to Ragg

<Kurikachu(30)> next question?

<Kurikachu(30)> whut?

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> This one is to not get blasted: What's HG? A. A blimp

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> B. Housing and Gardening

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> C.uhhhh......What?

<Ragg(30pts)> c

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> D.HammerGuy


















<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> *blasts Ragg and Kurik for not awnsering question*

<Ragg(30pts)> i did

<Ragg(30pts)> i said c

<Ragg(30pts)> look

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> no

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> not c

<Ragg(30pts)> a

<Kurikachu(30)> B?

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> no

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> no

<Kurikachu(30)> d

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> It was D

<Kurikachu(30)> d for donkeys are fruitcakes

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> *kurik doesn't get blasted

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> *blasts Ragg*

<Raggfast II> ...

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> oh my God I killed Ragg?

<Raggfast II> that was wierd

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> nope

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> he's alive!

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> The game is tied

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> 30 to 30

<Kurikachu(30)> uh oh

<Kurikachu(30)> LAGGY

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> and Ragg's been blasted

<Kurikachu(30)> SAGGY

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> Taggy

<Kurikachu(30)> one thing u don't want in a quiz is lagginess

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> 10+10?

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> is?

<Raggina II(30)> 20

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> no

<Raggina II(30)> 1010

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> yep

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> *blasts Ragg*

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> You got no point because

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> You had a different gender

<Raggfast II(30)> it was second answer

<Kurikachu(30)> hehehehehehehehehehehehe

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> You have 2 guesses

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> Ragg

<Raggfast II(30)> 0o

<Raggfast II(30)> ok

<Kurikachu(30)> dun dun daaaaaaaaa

<Raggfast II(30)> that was my 2nd

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> Next Question

<Kurikachu(30)> kk

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> Ragg + Breakfast=

<Raggfast II(30)> raggfast

<Kurikachu(30)> Raggfast

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> correct!

<Raggfast II(30)> i win

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> 10 points

<Kurikachu(30)> ragg got it

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> This one is for the win and 20 points:

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> You need 50 points to win

<Kurikachu(30)> kk

<Raggfast II(40)> k


<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> what's?

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> 90+874981419846841849814684

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> =?

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> Use the artboard

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> If needed

<Kurikachu(30)> 874981419846841849814774!

<Raggfast II(40)> GAH!

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> Correct!

<Raggfast II(40)> I KNEW THAT!

<Raggfast II(40)> GAH!

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> no you didn't

<Raggfast II(40)> yes i did


<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> Kurik wins by 20

<Raggfast II(40)> i was typing it

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> Ragg goes to bonus

<Raggfast II(40)> gah

<Kurikachu(50)> next time use the built calculator on the computer

<Kurikachu> *built-in

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> while Kurik gets a 2 starmen

<Kurikachu> u can copy and paste everything

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> Ragg goes to bonus........Yay!

<Raggfast II(40)> k


<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> Ragg you have to awnser 5 Questions

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> but get 1 guess each

<Raggfast II(40)> k

<Kurikachu> i gotta see this

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> True or false:I pick my nose?(say true)

<Raggfast II(40)> true

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> correct

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> O.o

<Raggfast II(40)> i knew that already

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> but only in school.....

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> O.o

<Raggfast II(40)> anywho

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> To second question

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> A+B=(think of them as numbers)(Z=26 for exsample)

<Raggfast II(40)> 3

<Raggfast II(40)> er

<Raggfast II(40)> c

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> correct

<Raggfast II(40)> 3

<Raggfast II(40)> yay

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> Where does Jy live?

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> City and State needed

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> (It's in Ohio i bet)

<Kurikachu> guh good thing im not in this quiz

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> (Columbus I think)

<Kurikachu> whut happens if this thing u call Ragg wins the bonus game?

<Raggfast II(40)> south euclid ohio

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> You have to wait

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> Correct!

<Raggfast II(40)> same as me

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> Time for Question 4

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> Where do I live?

<Raggfast II(40)> .....nannas land?

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> In the back of my mind.

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> So I'll count that kinda

<Raggfast II(40)> YAY!

<Kurikachu> dang it

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> But instead you go to 4 1/2

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> Then 5

<Raggfast II(40)> k

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> Since it was Kinda

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> Who's the Dictator?

<Raggfast II(40)> of?

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> GEOWeasel

<Raggfast II(40)> weas

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> 5th Question:

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> (oh no)

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> Where.........

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> does...........

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> Kurik live?

<Raggfast II(40)> the getto?

<Raggfast II(40)> er

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> Correct

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> lol

<Raggfast II(40)> yay!!

<Kurikachu> wait....well that was half right

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> You get a GBRG 50.0...........

<Raggfast II(40)> GASP!

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> a Toture doll of Kurik......

<Raggfast II(40)> the old model!


<Ulti> my quiz now

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> Everyone get ready for round 2

<HammerGuy(With GBRG)> Ulti your in it

<Ulti> YAY

<Cinder the Chao> Hi!

<Ulti> hi

<Kurikachu> hi cinder

<Ragg(with GBRG 50.0))> lo

<Cinder the Chao> Wacha doin

<HammerGuy(With GBRG 68.0)> hi Cinder

<Ragg(with GBRG 50.0))> *lo cinder

<HammerGuy(With GBRG 68.0)> Quizing

<Cinder the Chao> Cool

<Ulti> 15