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Learn all the secrets of Kirby's Dreamland!

Extra Game:
To play the Extra Game, go to the title screen and hold Up, Select, & A at the same time to see the words "Extra Game" appeare. Then press Start to start up the Extra Game.

Configuration Mode:
To enter the Configuration Mode, go to the title screen and hold Down, Select, & B at the same time. You will atomaticly enter the Configuration Mode. Here you can costomize the amount of health(vitality) you start with, & the amount of live you start with. You can also enter the Sound Test from the Configuration Mode.
In-Game Reset:
To return to the title screen from anywhere in the game press A, B, Start, & Select to instanly reset the game. Note: This code works for all Gameboy games.

Game Genie Codes:
Start with 2 lives: 021-BBF-F7E
Start with 5 lives: 051-BBF-F7E
Start with 9 lives: 091-BBF-F7E
Infinite lives: FA6-DBB-4C1
Start with 2 vitality: 021-C0F-F72
Start with 5 vitality: 051-C0F-F72
Start with 9 vitality: 091-C0F-F72
Infinite vitality: FA4-63B-4C1

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