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Strategies! Oh, the wonderful name, strategies! You find the best of the best of them here.

Boss Strategies (This ain't Boss Endurance):
Whispy Woods: Ability to use: Needle, Freeze or Spark.
With Needle, Freeze or Spark, go up to the big tree and hold B button. You will beat him really freakin' fast.
Paint Roller: Ability to use: Parasol.
Go below Paint Roller, while he's on the top floors. With you right below him, you will canstantly inflict damage on him. Soon you will win. (TIP: It may be a good idea to use Mic or Crash also.)
Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright:
Boss Endurance:
Whispy Woods: Ability, none. You really can't have an ability here at the start of the long chain of battles, but you can still inhale. It's real easy, just inhale the apples and spit them back out at Whispy. Just try not to get hit, it's a long haul, with only six hits on your meter.
Paint Roller: Ability, first at the beginning of the battle, as an opening attack, get either Mike or Crash, (inhale the microphone or bomb). It will not defeat him completely so after that, inhale the parasol, and only attack him when Paint Roller is on the upper levels of the arena. But, you must attack him from the lower levels, so fly up to the bottom of the upper level floors, with your parasol above you in your hand, and it should constantly keep inflicting damage to him. If you did everything right, you should still have six points on your meter.
Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright: Ability, parasol. Please, still have Parasol. Just go up to the one on the ground and thrash him with your parasol. In three hits they should die, and you should still have six points on your meter.
Kracko: Ability, Hi Jump. Finally get rid of Parasol, and get Hi Jump. Quickly go up the high climb to get to the arena, and then keep jump-hitting Kracko. It's okay if you get hit once here, it's quite a challenge.
Heavy Mole: Ability: Hi Jump. Keep Hi Jump for this round. SwordKirby537 says this is pretty easy. Just jump up until you inflict damage on Heavy Mole then in mid hi jump, go the other direction. Repeat this as much as necessary, and it's easier to do than described. You shouldn't get hurt here, so you should have five or six hits left.
Meta Knight: Ability: I seriously hope you know what ability your supposed to have, Sword. DO NOT push the select button, just walk into the sword that your supposed to get. Take your time on Meta Knight, being oh, so extra careful not to get hit. Eventually, you should beat Meta Knight, and we really hope you still have five or six hits left, if you have four, no biggy, you just have to be more careful on the upcoming fights.
King Dedede: Ability: amazingly, you now have Hi Jump again. That is, if you didn't push select earlier against Meta Knight. Just keep jumping to him, hurting him every time, we hope. Eventually, you'll beat Da Dedede, and you should hopefully have 3, 4, 5, or if you're an excellently amazing gamer, and you don't need us, 6 hits on your meter.
Nightmare Phase 1: Ability: Star Rod. There's nothing much we can say here, just beat him like you usually do on the main game. If you had many a troubles in your normal game, keep on shooting stars out of your Star Rod, avoiding dark stars as they come. He will occasionally shoot stars in this shape:<.They will be going to the left of the screen. dodge those and you will have no problem.
Nightmare Phase 2: Ability: Star Rod. The final showdown is here. To hit Nightmare, attack him when he opens up his cape, revealing his demon insides. Sometimes he will shoot a blast of stars out. To avoid this, shoot your Star Rod rapidly, creating somewhat of a barrier to protect you. Nightmare will shoot these stars many ways. Just avoid his attacks and use yours, and once you've gotten the hang of it, it's pretty easy. The only thing you have to remember is, do not lose all the hits on your life meter!
NOTE: These strategies were created and tested by SwordKirby537. Programmed on this site by Jokestr2002. Do not distribute or sell in public without permission. In other words, don't steal, if you have questions, e-mail us at or You may however, print this to share with friends or for your own use.

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