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Here, you will hear theories we have gathered throughout the ages. We will also give you the chances, (in percentage) that the theories are true.

These are the hidden catches that make Kirby more interesting than it already is, (and believe you me, that is interesting.). In here you will find the hidden catches that make Kirby more interesting than it already is, (and believe you m-) uh, oops I'm repeating myself. ENJOY!

Theory One, The Pix Theory. (WARNING: POSSIBLE SPOILERS!)
Purity: 35% chance of being true.
In Kirby's Dreamland 3, after beating Dark Matter, Nintendo had the flaw of Popstar having three rings around it, one red, one blue, and one green. The theory is, those rings were Dark Matters last resort of something to conquer with, leaving it to destroy Popstar. Now in Kirby 64, Pix is on Rock Star, and Popstar has two rings. Meaning, Pix was driven from Popstar, and to Rock Star. But now that Dark Matter returned, he has regained health, and now he has his sites set on Ripple Star.
Theory Two, The Cresent Moon Theory (WARNING: POSSIBLE SPOILERS!)
Purity: 99% chance of being true.
In Kirby's Adventure, after beating Nightmare, he goes flying and explodes into the moon, (a full moon) and blows a chunk of it off. Ever since then, Kirby games have had a cresent moon instead of a full moon. Another thing is, this same moon that had a chunk blown off of it is the moon that is fighting the sun in Kirby Super Star's Milky Way Wishes. A thing that has been comfirmed false is Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright are not those things that were fighting.
Theory Three, The Shiver Star Theory.
Purity: 100% confirmed true.
In Kirby 64, have you ever noticed, (first of all) that Shiver Star's moon looks like ours. That's just the beginning. Look closely at Shiver Star. If you look hard enough, you see Earth's continents on the surface of that planet. Shiver Star actually resembles our planet. The designers probably put that into the game for a little hidden trick to freak people out, (I was).
Theory Four, Adult Kirby?
Purity: 90% chance of being true.
The theory goes like this, (remember this, SwordKirby537 thought of this theory, but you may post it on your site if you own one) anyway, in the animé, within the first episode it states that Kirby is a baby Star Warrior. But, in Kirby: Nightmare in DreamLand Kirby has his own quotes and also in the other games he seems like he would talk just fine. In the games too, Meta Knight is evil, and that means the games wouldn't take place before the animé, because in the animé we learn Meta Knight's past, and he is pure in good. So, the games would take place in the future, or after the animé. But, why would Meta Knight be evil, you ask? Well, we have a theory on that, too. If you have seen the episode of Kirby: Right Back At Ya! where Knuckle Joe makes an appearance and he wants to avenge Meta Knight of Knuckle Joe's father's death. Well, if you have not seen it, the reason Meta Knight killed Knuckle Joe's father during the Star Warrior VS. N.M.E. Monster wars was because Knuckle Joe's father was captured by Nightmare, then Nightmare brainwashed him, and made him evil. Well, this could've happened to Meta Knight later on, making him evil, come Kirby's Adventure/Nightmare in DreamLand and Kirby Super Star. I hope you understand this, it was hard to explain and especially hard to type out. If you do not understand, e-mail us and we'll try to give you further details.
Theory Five: What Would've Happened....
Purity: 10% chance of being true.
Heh, I jokestr2002, thought of this one, it isn't very likely though. This theory kind of relates to Theory Four, but here it is: Why would the games take place in after the animé if in KDL Kirby has no abilities, the answer is here! Well, KDL may not have exactly continued along with the other games, but instead, what would've happened if in the very first episode of Kirby: Right Back At Ya! Kirby's starship's monster sensor didn't detect monsters on Popstar. Then, as Kirby lay asleep for 200 years, (as it fortells what was supposed to happen in the 3rd or 4th episode) darkness reined on Popstar. As for King Dedede, he took all the food as a last resort of survival, for Dreamland's whole life was at stake. Whispy Woods and Fololo and Falala got possesed by Nightmare and King Dedede took control of them, to block someone that was trying to ruin his mission, Kirby. Kirby actually didn't know the real reason for Dedede's stealing all the food, but he knew it wouldn't help the other Dreamlanders. And for the strange effect of the 'no abilities', Nightmare drains them all to give him energy. After Nightmare watched King Dedede's defeat by Kirby, Nightmare lost confidence and retreated, afraid to loose everything like he did in the Monster Wars long ago.