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This is where you'll learn about our history of web sites.

We have a total of three web sites, and we are still working on them. This site will be published first, then we will work on Pokémon web site; Pokémon Club Online, and then our base site, Nintendo Club Online. All three our huge bodies of game-related knowledge, and we are working hard to keep them as best as we can. We hope you will enjoy all three, (and not knowing html doesn't make things much cooler.) We are all pretty knowledgeable about computers for our age and that helps a bunch.

Why Nintendo?
We chose to be fans of only Nintendo because we were born with Nintendo. We got our Super Nintendo in '92, so we've had it practically all our lives. If we had a Genisis when we were born we'd probably have Sega Club Online and all the Sega systems.
Here is the order we like video game companies, (from best to worst):
  2. Sega (It's cool)
  3. Sony Playstation/PS2 (it's O.K.)
  4. Microsoft X Box (it sucks, really)

Why Kirby?

We've known and loved Kirby for practically half our lives and we like him still. And now since he has his own TV show and tons of great games, we decided to put together a site, neatly named Kirby Club Online. Of coarse, we have lots of favorites, but nothing could replace our pink puff.