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This is the complete history of kirby.

         In 1992, one of the people who worked at Nintendo, (Masahiro Sakurai to be precise) came up with a new idea for a GameBoy game, completely unaware that one day it would become a top-selling game series. He wanted to make this game particularly for beginning gamers, to help them finally reach the end of a game. First he had to create a dummy, so he decided to make a blob, with hands, eyes, feet and a mouth. He made this 'dummy' fly. But he liked his 'dummy' so much he made it the actual main character of the game.
       Kirby's original name was Popopo, but later changed to Kirby. Their are many rumors about how Kirby was called Kirby, one was that he was named after the Vacuum Co. KIRBY. Another rumor is that he was named after one of Nintendo's lawyers. Even Mr. Sakurai doesn't quite remember how Kirby became Kirby.
       Since Kirby's first appearance was on GameBoy, (Kirby's DreamLand if you forgot) it was black and white, and no one quite knew what Kirby's true color was. Mr. Sakurai intended on Kirby to be pink, but Mr. Miyomoto wanted him to be yellow. They had so big of an arguement that when the game was realeased, they left Kirby white. But by the time Kirby's Adventure was realeased, the arguement was settled, and Kirby became pink, forever.
        Now, when Kirby's Adventure was realeased, the creator added a whole new concept to the game. Copy. Copy was Kirby's was of saying: "PUYO! PUYO!" [inhales bad guy, gets Fireball], In other words: With copy, the advanced players could use this 'new concept' and add a twist to the game by getting cool new abilities and options while beginners could use the traditional 'swallow-spit' routine. Kirby's Adventure is now a 'It's-so-enhanced-it-shouldn't-even-be-considered-a-remake-' remake of Kirby

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