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Kirby Episodes
(Sorry we are behind on the list, we will update ASAP)

Some of the information on this page (the titles of the unrealesed episodes)

Episode 1: Kirby Comes to Cappy Town
One day in Dream Land, located on Planet Popstar, a spacecraft falls from the sky and a small, pink, cuddly creature appears from inside. Could it be the legendary knight from the stars whose mission is to save the village? The 場ハGvillagers, quite surprised to see this creature, need help in solving the mystery of why their sheep have been disappearing. Kabu informs the villagers that the disappearance is caused by a monster living in the castle. King Dedede is not happy about the unfounded suspicion, and is equally disturbed about Kirby's invasion on his kingdom. Suddenly, the King?s pet -- Octacon -- transforms into a huge monster and begins to destroy the castle. Will Kirby be able to save the village? Is he really the legendary knight?
Episode 2: A Blockbuster Battle
Kirby succeeds at saving the village, but his spacecraft is destroyed. For the time being, he has no means of travel so the villagers invite him to stay in Dream Land. Tiff & Tuff realize Kirby has no place to live so they ask Tokkori to share his quarters with Kirby, but Tokkori is not the least bit interested. 場ハGThey ask the mayor?s wife, but she's hesitant due to Kirby's knack for ruining dinner parties with his healthy appetite. Kirby sets out in search of a job in exchange for a place to live.  He visits the local restaurant, police station and gas station, but it becomes clear that King Dedede is determined to thwart his every effort. Tiff finally suggests that the villagers build a house for Kirby. King Dedede continues in his attempt to chase Kirby out of Dream Land, and again, is unsuccessful.
Episode 3: Kirby's Duel Role
The Postmaster delivers a letter to Kirby from Meta Knight requesting a challenge. Tiff & Tuff wonder why a trained soldier like Meta Knight would want to battle Kirby. They suspect that King Dedede has sent Meta Knight to chase Kirby from the village. Tiff & Tuff join Kirby on his trip to the battlefield場ハG to talk with Meta Knight, but the warrior doesn't give them the time of day. As the battle begins, it becomes apparent that Meta Knight may be too strong to defeat. Watching the battle from afar, King Dedede and Escargoon are overjoyed that Meta Knight is winning. Hardly able to contain themselves, they rush back to the castle to order an insect monster to the battlefield. Will Kirby be able to hold his own against these challenges?
Episode 4: Dark and Stormy Knight
King Dedede is still not happy that Kirby is living in the village so he decides to order up another monster in an attempt to return Kirby to space. On a 場ハGbeautiful day while Kirby and friends are out enjoying themselves, they suddenly hear a clap of thunder in the distance. They spot a group of black clouds, known as Kracko, rapidly traveling toward them. Suddenly, Kracko begins to shoot lighting down upon Kirby. Will Kirby be able to escape?  Meanwhile, Tiff heads to Kabu Valley to get a Warpstar for Kirby. At that time, she learns a valuable secret about both Kirby and the Warpstar from an unexpected source.
Episode 5: Beware: Whispy Woods!
Lured by a trail of juicy, red apples, Kirby gets lost in the mysterious Whispy場ハG Woods, putting him in danger!  Can Tiff, Tuff and Tokkori save their friend from the trap set by the King?
Episode 6: Un-Reality TV
場ハGExcitement ensues when the King brings TV to Dream Land, but breaking news reports a huge monster?s destroying Cappy Town in search of Kirby. What's really behind Dedede's TV deception?
Episode 7: Kirby's Egg-Cellent Adventure
Has King Dedede gone cuckoo? When Triple D takes up bird watching, it means trouble for Kirby and the citizens of Cappy Town. King Dedede discovers a legendary bird known as Dyna Blade who has metal wings, a 場ハGsteely beak and claws as sharp as swords. As legend goes, this ferocious feathered beast wakes up once every one hundred years to lay an egg, then falls into a deep sleep again once its chick has left the nest. King Dedede and Escargoon take advantage of their discovery with an attempt to trick Kirby into turning Dyna Blade's precious egg into a hard-boiled smorgasbord! When Dyna Blade learns from King Dedede that Kirby gobbled up the fruits of its labor, it's out for revenge. What will happen to Kirby?
Episode 8: Curio's Curious Discovery
On the 30th anniversary of King Dedede's reign over Dream Land, the rotund ruler decides to hold a lavish ceremony. When Big D gears up for his speech, he's shocked to discover that he's speaking to an audience of zero! Why are the residents of Cappy Town so down on their king? Legend and history teach t場ハGhat ancient Dream Land civilization was founded by the Cappy tribe, not by anyone from Dedede's bloodline. Irked by the illegitimacy of his kingdom, King Dedede sets out to pump up his popularity. Meanwhile, Tiff and Tuff have been learning a lot about Cappy Town history by assisting the knowledgeable archaeologist Mr. Curio in a dig. The pair is ecstatic when they discover what appears to be an elaborate coffin designed for someone in a very powerful position. Villagers gather anxiously to see if the person in the coffin is a Cappy, and even King Dedede rushes to the site for the moment of truth. Shockingly, there is a skeleton in the coffin that looks exactly like King Dedede (only a lot skinnier)! Does this prove that King Dedede is the rightful ruler after all?
Episode 9: The FoFa Factor
Fololo and Falala are great friends and are always together. So when King Dedede demands Fololo to run an errand and Falala to stay back at the castle, they refuse because they don't work separately. The furious King Dedede chases Fololo and Falala out of the castle causing them to feel sad and depressed. Kirby and Sir Ebrum's family are trying to comfort them when out of the blue, Fololo and Falala wonder aloud, "Who are our parents?" Fololo and Falala have been with the family since Tiff was born, so Tiff and Tuff are sure their parents would have information about Fololo and Falala's birth. For some reason, Sir Ebrum and Lady Like look uncomfortable and force
 everyone out of the room. What could the serious secret behind their birth be all about? Sir Ebrum and Lady Like are quietly discussing the matter and Kirby accidentally overhears. So, Sir Ebrum covers Kirby's mouth with tape to keep him from talking. King Dedede is in a very bad mood since Fololo and Falala defied his order and also because he has learned of a fortune predicting a great misfortune.
Episode 10: Hail to the Chief
Chief Bookem is in charge of directing traffic at the main street, but the truth is there is no need for traffic control since the streets in Dream Land are never very busy. Suddenly, King Dedede's car collides with the mayor's car and 場ハGboth parties approach Chief Bookem to find out who's at fault for causing the accident. But Chief Bookem had been sleeping on the job and did not see what happened. Angrily, King Dedede declares he is eliminating the Police Department. Tuff is the most shocked since he respects Chief Bookem so much. Tuff has heard that gentle Chief Bookem was a well-known member of the ranger team who contributed a great deal to world peace. Tuff decides to gather his friends and plan a way to regain Chief Bookem's honor. Coincidentally, a series of strange incidents are occuring around Dream Land which are keeping Chief Bookem extremely busy. Will King Dedede finally put his order into effect to eliminate the Police
Episode 11: The Big Taste Test
The Dedede Castle falls into chaos when Chef Shiitake, a famous outspoken food critic, notifies the King that he will be paying him a visit. The notice causes the pretentious and competitive King Dedede to panic. After all, the 場ハGreputation of the castle would be destroyed should Chef Shiitake criticize the food served at the castle. King Dedede wastes no time and pays a visit to Restaurant Kawasaki in Cappy Town to hire Chef Kawasaki. Unfortunately, Chef Kawasaki must have slept through chef school.  King Dedede decides to lend a helping hand by researching the "Encyclopedia of Food." To his delight, he discovers the world's most delectable ingredient: Zebon. The King seems to have yet another trick up his sleeve. As the Chef struggles with what to cook for the critic, he too looks through the "Encyclopedia of Food" and finds that Kirby is made out of Zebon! Kirby loves to eat, but this time, is Chef Kawasaki going to cook Kirby?
Episode 12: Kirby's Pet Peeve
Although Kirby is a great warrior, he doesn't seem to grow up very fast since he is playing with Tuff and the other children all the time. Tiff suggests to her parents that it might help Kirby if he had someone to play with his own size. Sir Ebrum and his family agree and go to the toy store in the village to buy Kirby a playmate. They purchase a cutting edge, battery operated robot dog for Kirby. The electronic dog takes a liking to Kirby and follows him everywhere. However, Kirby is suspicious of it and tries to run away but the dog won't leave Kirby alone. Kirby decides to ignore it as if it doesn't exist, but when they are about to cross a bridge the dog falls into the river and is headed for a large waterfall. When Kirby hears the dog crying for help, Kirby rescues it using its special swallowing ability. The dog feels more attached to Kirby than ever and in turn, Kirby warms up to the dog and the two begin playing together. Other children become jealous about the two, and even King Dedede becomes interested in the dog. The situation has taken a dark turn ?
[No Picture Available]
Episode 13: Escargoon Squad
A ghost is haunting the castle and it's got the King all shook up.  But people become suspicious and believe the ghost is another monster ordered up by King Dedede. Who is haunting his highness?
[No Picture Available]
Episode 14: The Pillow Case
King Dedede gives all Cappys a pleasant dream pillow but it only gives them nightmares about the trouble in Dream Land since Kirby's arrival. Is this a wake up call to kick Kirby out for good?
[No Picture Available]

Episode 15: A Fish Called Kine
Tiff is collecting shells at the beach and finds a dazzling gold seashell in a tide-pool. As soon as Tiff picks it up, it opens and she finds a message written in ancient Cappy-glyphics inside. Tiff goes home and uses the dictionary to decipher the message, and is stunned when the message reads: "Dear Tiff, I saw you near the shore recently and I think you are enchanting." Tiff is not familiar with the name of the sender, Kine. When Tiff goes back to the beach to find Kine, a goldfish confesses his love to her. Kine tells Tiff that he saw her collecting seashells at the beach and just knew they were meant to be together. Tiff is not interested in Kine and tries to explain how difficult it is to overcome the difference between life in the ocean and life on land. King Dedede and Escargoon see Tiff and Kine talking to each other. The King later approaches Kine and lets him know that he promises to fully support Kine's life on the land and convinces Kine to jump into a big fish tank. King Dedede brings the fish tank to Tiff, who is at a loss, while Kine is happier than ever. Tiff doesn't know that there is a startling trade-off behind the deal Kine made with King Dedede.

Episode 16: Flower Power

Kirby swallows a Noddy without knowing this monster would put him to sleep for up to 1000 years. Will Tuff be able to find the legendary flower Pukey to save Kirby from the sleeping sickness?

Episode 17: Here Comes the Son

It's a peaceful day in Dream Land when suddenly, Castle Dedede begins to shake intensely. King Dedede, Sir Ebrum and his family become frightened by the mysterious trembling. Is it an earthquake or is the castle under attack? Everyone gathers only to find 場ハGa kid named Knuckle Joe. Triple D orders that the invader be captured, but Knuckle Joe is too quick and fast to catch. The King then realizes that Knuckle Joe has come to battle Kirby, and develops a plan to help Knuckle Joe defeat Kirby once and for all. Tiff and Tuff hurry to find Kirby, who's unaware that he's about to be attacked, and take him to a cave. But, their effort becomes fruitless when King Dedede brings Knuckle Joe to the hideout. Knuckle Joe forces Kirby to accept his challenge and starts to attack Kirby. For some reason Kirby doesn't fight back, and his life is in jeopardy! Just then, Meta Knight shows up and tells Knuckle Joe, "There is no reason to battle with Kirby my friend. The one you seek is me."

Episode 18: Dedede's Snow Job

場ハGIt is extremely hot in Dream Land so Triple D orders up a real cold monster to ease the heat. When it gets too chilly, will Kirby be able to keep Dream Land from being buried in a blizzard?




Episode 19: A Princess is Dis-dress

A great event is about to happen. Princess Rona from Planet Pipi is making a tour of Dream Land and she's scheduled a short visit in Cappy Town. Everyone is extremely excited for her arrival and they've worked diligently to prepare for her visit. When the 場ハGprincess, who covers her face with a veil, gets off the space ship with her small guard Commander Vee, she captivates villagers with her royal elegance. King Dedede wants to marry the princess and asks to take her out, but Commander Vee declines for her. She tells the King that the Princess needs a rest after her long journey and doesn't desire a tour guide. He's offended, but decides to approach her at a later time with his marriage proposal. Meanwhile, Vee decides to leave the Princess at the castle and explore the town with Kirby, Tiff and Tuff. Vee is expressing her fondness for Dream Land's peaceful atmosphere, when suddenly sheep storm into the village. Everyone flees from the sheep, but Kirby fails to escape. Commander Vee rushes to rescue Kirby, but when Vee's hat falls off, the unexpected face of Vee is revealed ?

Episode 20: Island of the Lost Warrior

While Kirby and the kids are fishing in the ocean, a huge storm washes them onto a deserted island. They meet Kit Cosmos, an old soldier, and discover he has a connection to Meta Knight...

Episode 21: The Empty Nest Mess

Escargoon invents a solution called Insta-Monster Mixture. The solution has the ability to instantly transform any creature into a mega-monstrous beast. King Dedede is delighted about the invention because now he can make all the monsters he wants without having to pay Night Mare Enterprises a cent. Meanwhile in Cappy Town, Dyna Blade is flying over the village frantically looking for her chick, and Kirby and Tokkori decide to help her look. When Kirby finally finds the chick, he tries to send it back to the nest, but the chick wants to head for the village. King Dedede insists the villagers hand the chick over to him so he can give it back to Dyna Blade. But why is it so important to the King that he be the one to return it? Will Dyna Chick make it back to the nest safely, or is this birdie the King's first prey for the potion?

Episode 22: Ninja Binge

A thief brakes into Mr. Curio's antique store, but fortunately Mr. Curio is able to chase the thief away before anything is stolen. Mr. Curio informs Chief Bookem that he believes the thief was after his treasure, the Ninja Scroll. The Ninja Scroll holds the secrets of the ninjas. It comes from the land of the ninjas and they used scrolls like this one to pass down the secrets of their battling arts from generation to generation. Ninja's are known as skilled martial artists who can outrun the wind, leap over buildings, and make themselves invisible. This event sparks an interest in ninja's and now everyone in the village wants to become one! The children rush to the toy store to buy ninja items, and King Dedede is no exception. The King goes shopping in Mr. Curio's store and steels the scroll right out from under Mr. Curio. Tuff and Kirby decide to steal the scroll back from the King. As they sneak into the Escargoon's bedroom, they not only get the scroll back, but they finally get to see a real Ninja!

Episode 23: Escargoon Rules
Tiff and Tuff are puzzled when Escargoon begs for help with tears in his eyes. He has just learned in a letter from his mother that she is coming to visit him in Cappy Town. When Escargoon left home a while back, he promised his mom that he would be successful. He also recently sent her a letter saying he became the King of Dream Land. Escargoon doesn't want his mom to know the truth and he isn't sure what he should do. Sir Ebrum suggests that everyone pretend as if Escargoon is the King, but only during his mother's visit. Of course, they'll have to keep it hush-hush from the real King. Villagers love and welcome Escargoon's mother, who looks very much like Escargoon but has a completely different personality. Just when everything is going well, Escargoon's mother asks to visit Dedede Castle. How is Escargoon going to get away with touring his mother around the castle without letting her or the King in on his little secret?

Episode 24: Hour of the WolfWrath
The King orders up a monster from N.M.E. to get rid of Kirby once and for all, and he receives WolfWrath. WolfWrath is a dangerous and ferocious canine that blows fireballs, and it's out of control. It gets away from the King and it starts to destroy the castle. This monster is so powerful that in the past it almost defeated Meta Knight, and now it is about to attack Kirby! Meta Knight shows up just in time to protect Kirby and fight against WolfWrath, but he gets badly injured by its attacks. The wounded Meta Knight commands Sword Knight and Blade Knight to protect Kirby no matter what. Sword and Blade confirm their loyalty to Meta Knight and challenge WolfWrath, but how will Sword and Blade defeat WolfWrath knowing it's mighty enough to even injure the skillful Meta Knight?

Episode 25: The Flower Plot
Tiff, Tuff and Kirby take a hike to visit their friend Whispy Woods, and they're quite surprised to find a cute little flower growing near his roots. It is clear that Whispy thinks very fondly of his flower friend, so Tiff names the pleasant plant "Lovely." Up to his usual tricks, King Dedede kidnaps Lovely right from under Whispy's nose. Tiff and Tuff rescue Lovely and return her to the soil, but strangely enough she seems different. Lovely has gained the ability to talk and she's acting very suspiciously! Did King Dedede allowed them to rescue Lovely only to sabotage Whispy Woods? Will the rude ruler finally get his coveted Country Club? Not if Kirby can help it ...

Episode 26: Labor Daze

King Dedede declares an industrial revolution in Dream Land! At the newly constructed Dedede Factory, Cappies are promised handy items if they agree to wear a uniform and build appliances for everyone in the village. Although the trade doesn't appeal to Tiff, other people are delighted wear DDD's uniform (which looks a lot like prison garb!). The Cappies step up to the assembly line and immediately get to work. Since they receive cool appliances at the end of their shifts, they start working as much as they possibly can. Unfortunately, the Cappy's don't realize that what they're building is an Ice Dragon Robot. Will Kirby be able to defrost DDD's dangerous monster?

Episode 27: The Hot Shot Chef
King Dedede is not at all happy about the quality of food served at Restaurant Kawasaki. But unfortunately, Restaurant Kawasaki is the only restaurant in Cappy Town. The King decides to download a top-class chef by the name of Monsieur Goan. A full course dinner prepared by Monsieur Goan is so good and affordable that everyone in Cappy Town wants to eat there instead of at Restaurant Kawasaki. Tiff encourages Chef Kawasaki to add new items to his menu in order to compete with the new eatery. Kawasaki agrees, and Kirby helps him to put together a spicy new recipe. But, will it successfully attract people back, or will Kawasaki's restaurant be out of business for good?

Episode 28: Hatch Me if You Can

After a good night's sleep in Tokkori's nest, Kirby wakes up and realizes he is laying on top of an egg. Nobody, including Kirby, knows where the egg came from, but Kirby wants to protect and keep the egg warm until it hatches. The egg begins to crack and shake and a Mini Galbo is born. It's a very strange looking creature. Mini Galbo becomes uncontrollable, and it runs amok through Cappy Town eating up all of the food. Cappys are getting annoyed by Mini Galbo and they expect that Kirby will discipline it, but it's unlike Kirby to be serious. Will Kirby be able to teach Mini Galbo to control itself or will it continue to create havoc in Cappy Town?

Episode 29: Cappy New Year

The villagers of Dream Land are busy talking about their New Year's Eve celebration when suddenly, there is an announcement from King Dedede that he is planning a huge extravaganza this year. The night is to begin with a parade and floats, then conclude with a fireworks display. Villagers are delighted to hear the King's exciting news however, he then announces that no one except himself will be allowed to participate in the planning. This makes the Cappys very angry. So, despite the King's order, they all ban together to organize their own celebration. King Dedede and Escargoon smile mysteriously when they see villagers eagerly working away. Will Kirby and his friends have a peaceful New Year's celebration or is there a conspiracy behind the New Year's Eve display?

Episode 30: Abusement Park

King Dedede invites everyone to attend a party at Dream Land's very first amusement park. Cappys are thrilled by the news, especially since Dedede guarantees to provide lots of food and fun, all compliments of the King. Everyone including Kirby, race to the castle to discover all that's been promised plus loads of games, rides, and a parade. Topping the days festivities is the main event--the karaoke competition. To entice Kirby to enter the contest, the King announces that the winner is to receive a big cash award plus a year's worth of watermelons--Kirby's favorite. Although, if Kirby stands any chance of winning, he'd better brush up on his singing ability. Or maybe, talent has nothing to do with the competition at all...

Episode 31: The Kirby Derby - Part I
Tuff purchases a go-cart from the toy store, and he decides to take Kirby for a spin. It's so fast it easily surpasses King Dedede's car. Being the competitive King that Dedede is, he orders a super deluxe car from Night Mare Enterprises and announces that he will hold Dream Land's very first Grand Prix. As everyone in Cappy Town anxiously prepares, Tiff gets the feeling that the King's real purpose of the race is to somehow get rid of Kirby. She puts every effort into keeping Tuff and Kirby from racing in the Grand Prix however, Meta Knight seems to have a different plan for Kirby. He suggests that they fix Kirby's broken spaceship and join the race, but will Kirby be able to hone his piloting skills in order to successfully compete?

Episode 32: The Kirby Derby - Part II
Finally, it is the day of the Grand Prix. Contestants are geared up and ready to race. They'll leave from Cappy Town, traverse through the forest, farms and canyons and return back to the town. Of course the King attempts to interfere with the race to keep Kirby from winning. Even with Meta Knight's help, Kirby is struggling. Will Kirby be able to fight back against the King's usual antics? Who will prove to be victorious and come out on top? The winner may not be who you think.

Episode 33: A Recipe for Disaster
Tiff and Tuff are skeptical when Chef Shiitake arrives at Restaurant Kawasaki. The last time they encountered him, it was the monster Popon in disguise. But this time it is the real Chef Shiitake, Chef Kawasaki's former cooking teacher. He has come to put Kawasaki's cooking ability to the test. But when he fails to please the master chef, his frying pan and the restaurant sign are taken away. Chef Shiitake sees that Kawasaki has learned nothing from studying along side him, and doesn't think Kawasaki deserves his own restaurant. Meanwhile, King Dedede hears about the Chef's arrival and invites him to stay at the castle. The King, overjoyed by Shiitake's gourmet cuisine, gives him his own "all about cooking" show on Channel DDD. But when Tiff and Tuff sneak-a-peek in Chef Shiitake's bag, they uncover the secret behind his tasty cooking, a Gijira extract. It is used to make any dish taste hands-down delicious. Is Chef Shiitake really a fake?

Episode 34: Junk Jam
When heaps of garbage suddenly appear in Dream Land, everyone is sure that King Dedede is behind it. But, the King persistently denies his involvement. Mayor Len and Chief Bookem argue over who's responsible for taking care of this problem. In an effort to help out, Tiff, Tuff, and Kirby decide to stay up all night to catch the suspect. They discover that aliens have been coming to Dream Land in their spaceship to dump garbage. Meanwhile at Castle Dedede, the King complains to the N.M.E. that Dream Land is overflowing with trash. It turns out that in return for not paying down his outstanding balance, DDD gave permission to Night Mare Enterprises to allow the waste to be dumped in Dream Land. The King doesn't have the funds to pay, but also doesn't want any more garbage to pile up, so he downloads Fire Lion to incinerate the garbage. But Fire Lion becomes out of control, and it's up to Kirby to save the village from getting burned to ashes.

Episode 35: Watermelon Felon

King Dedede and Escargoon follow Kirby around with a camera hoping to catch him breaking the law. But Kirby's got nothing to worry about, since he hasn't done anything wrong. So the King takes store surveillance footage of Kirby helping someone with their groceries, and creatively edits it to make it look like Kirby was shoplifting. Then, the King airs the footage on Channel DDD in an attempt to smear Kirby's reputation. Since Cappys see Kirby being mischievous everyday, they come to believe the possibility that Kirby is in fact a thief. Tiff doesn't believe the King and his incriminating tape at all, and tries to clear up the misunderstanding. Can Tiff help prove Kirby's innocence when he's put on the stand, in a court of law?


Episode 36: Escar-gone

As King Dedede thumbs through the N.M.E. catalog, he finds a super dangerous monster that should clobber Kirby for good. But when the download is complete, all he 場ハGsees is a ball of light resembling a firefly. The very perplexed King complains to Night Mare Enterprises that something went wrong with the download. What the King doesn't know is that not only did he actually download the monster Erasem, but Escargoon becomes the victim---instead of Kirby. The next morning, Dedede doesn't recognize Escargoon and kicks him out of the castle. In fact, no one in Cappy Town seems to remember Escargoon. However, the stranger is in so many old photos that everyone begins to wonder if Escargoon is someone they really know. When Tiff tells Meta Knight about Escargoon, he tells her that a monster might be behind this. When Erasem attacks its victims, they become unfamiliar to anyone they've ever met. Is Escargoon destined to be forgotten for good?


Episode 37: Monster Management

Hundreds of small monsters suddenly appear, and are causing a whole lot of ruckus in 場ハGCappy Town. Although Kirby tries to help by sucking up monsters, there are just too many to swallow. Kirby quickly becomes very worn out. When Knuckle Joe shows up, Tiff and Tuff cannot believe it when they find out he's been appointed Monster Manager for Night Mare Enterprises. After all, Knuckle Joe had promised to battle on the side of the good guys after fighting against Kirby his first time in Cappy Town. But now, Knuckle Joe only cares about keeping his bosses happy. So he downloads their strongest monster, Masher. When Knuckle Joe and Masher tag-team their attacks, will Kirby have any chance of winning a battle two against one?


Episode 38: Prediction Predicament - Part 1

King Dedede becomes terrified of Kirby after having a nightmare that Kirby is a giant, fiery monster with fangs and chasing after him. So the King visits Mabel, the town 場ハGfortune teller, and learns the monster that's haunting him is his conscience. She tells Dedede the fireball is something that lives in his mind, and stems from a promise he has not kept. The King is not happy with Mabel's prediction and is still afraid of the mean ol' Kirby monster. He does everything he can to stay awake and keep from having scary Kirby dreams again. The King finally orders the monster Fridgy to freeze Kirby, but his efforts are dampened when Fire Kirby fights back and defeats the monster. Then Mabel foresees that the fireball in King Dedede's dream is really an asteroid that's on course to crash into Dream Land!


Episode 39: Prediction Predicament - Part 2
場ハGMabel confesses she made up the story that an asteroid is speeding through space toward Dream Land, just to scare King Dedede. Therefore, the Cappys aren't at all worried that danger lies ahead. However, they begin to notice unusual occurrences, such as the rumbling volcano and small earthquakes. After turning to Kabu for advice, he warns the Cappys of much destruction. Everyone soon realizes that Mabel's prediction is true and the asteroid will actually hit Dream Land in 48 hours. Cappys give up all hope meanwhile, Tiff, Tuff, and Kirby try to find a way to avoid the collision. It's up to Kirby to throw the asteroid off course before it strikes the planet!


Episode 40: Sheepwrecked
場ハGTired of being treated unfairly, one bad sheep in the Mayor's flock leads the rest in a revolt against Dream Land. The rebel sheep convinces all of the other sheep that they have been dominated for too long and the time has come to defeat their oppressors. As they behave like fierce wolves, the sheep head for Cappy Town and begin to destroy everything. Once they have all of the Cappys surrounded at the castle, the bad sheep explains that it was once a meek and mild sheep, but past tragic experiences have changed his attitude towards others. Will the town be forced to let the sheep live freely, or will the whistle get blown on their plan to rule the land?


Episode 41: War of the Woods

場ハGKing Dedede is determined to build his own golf course. His failed attempt to conquer Whispy Woods in the past has lead him to target the eastern part of the forest. Meanwhile, Whispy Woods senses his old friend Acore, an 800 year old tree living in the east, is in grave danger. So Whispy solicits help from Tuff and Kirby to help protect it. Can the gang save Acore from Dedede's dream for demolition, or is the threat the forest faces far more powerful than they anticipated?


Episode 42: Pink-Collar Blues

場ハGFed up with the Waddles Dees level of service at the castle, King Dedede fires his entire staff. And as a replacement, he downloads a domestic servant robot to run the castle. The King, impressed by the excellent work ethic of this robot, is not at all worried about the loss of more than 1000 of his loyal servants. Unbeknownst to the King, the robot was sent by Night Mare Enterprises to steal money, tricking King Dedede into fulfilling his financial obligation.


Episode 43: Tourist Trap

場ハGKing Dedede conjures up a surefire way to wealth, pulling out all the stops to turn Cappy Town into a top-rated tourist destination. However when the tourists arrive, they quickly become bored and chaos ensues with garbage and graffiti beginning to fill every corner of Cappy Town. The King decides to liven up their trip by downloading a fire monster, which in turn heats things up. However, the King's usual antics fall short when Kirby puts an end to all the excitement.


Episode 44: A Novel Approach
場ハGKing Dedede builds a new school that teaches the craft of magic. But when he brings in the author of the best-selling book "Pappy Pottey" to instruct the class, things get out of control.





Episode 45: Snack Attack -- Part I
場ハGA candy-toy craze is sweeping Cappy Town when N.M.E. introduces a whole new line of monsters. And to start things off, the first batch are disguised as chocolate!





Episode 46: Snack Attack -- Part II
場ハGWhen the monsters transform into Dedede's Martial Arts All-Stars, Kirby battles all five of them in a stadium match.





Episode 47: Cartoon Buffoon
場ハGDedede opens an animation studio to produce his own TV program. But, when the production crew isn't looking, Dedede makes himself the star and Kirby look like the bad guy.





Episode 48: Don't Bank on It
場ハGDedede puts a spell on voodoo dolls, and distributes them around town. But his plan to brainwash Cappys into giving him money backfires, and he's back to where he started--broke.





Episode 49: Kirby Takes the Cake
場ハGIt's Kirby's one-year Anniversary of landing in Cappy Town. The whole town secretly plans a surprise celebration, but King Dedede's monster crashes the party.





Episode 50: Air Ride-in-Style -- Part I
場ハGN.M.E. sends an intergalactic spaceship to attack the castle and capture the Warpstar. Just when Kirby and friends barely escape, four enemy riders on different Air Ride machines go after Kirby...




Episode 51: Air Ride-in-Style -- Part II
場ハGWhen the Warpstar becomes damaged, Kirby must use his new abilities to overtake the Air Ride machines and wipe the enemy out. But, does Kirby have a fighting chance against these challengers?




Episode 52: Scare Tactics - Part I
場ハGEvery Halloween, Cappys participate in a "spook out," and whoever makes it through the woods unspooked finds a buried grand prize. Will Kirby and his friends survive the sinister game?




Episode 53: Scare Tactics - Part II

場ハGUnknown to the gang, DDD takes over the spook out and uses it to run his own ghastly games. But when a storm breaks out, everyone is forced to seek shelter in a mysterious and menacing mansion.




Episode 54: One Crazy Knight
場ハGA chivalrous knight from another planet, on a mission to rid the galaxy of wicked monsters, crash-lands in Cappy Town and gets a second chance to battle Windwhipper--a monster from his past.




Episode 55: Sweet and Sour Puss
場ハGA monster invades DDD's body taking away his ability to get angry, despite all the harm everyone is inflicting on him. However, the monster is storing DDD's anger for a mega-attack on the castle.




Episode 56: Dedede's Pet Threat
場ハGKing Dedede's adorable pets, sent from Night Mare Enterprises, grow into monstrous Scarfies with a voracious appetite for Kirby.





Episode 57: A Half-Baked Battle
場ハGDedede gets hit in the face with a pie on his cooking show, which inspires a gigantic pie fight among the Cappys. But DeDeDe's using the pie fight to cover up his real scheme to get Kirby.




Episode 58: eNeMeE Elementary
場ハGThe kid Cappys are caught painting graffiti on the castle so Dedede opens up a school to teach them a lesson. But the teachers at the academy suddenly turn evil, and a magic hat is to blame.




Episode 59: The Meal Moocher
場ハGFed up with palace food, Dedede creates a game show that lets him sample the cappy's home-cooked meals. So everyone in town gets busy cooking to compete for the million dollar jackpot.




Episode 60: Treasured Sword 'Gyarakushia'

Episode 61: Fattening is Cruel! Snack Junkie!

Episode 62: It is High, to Fortune Telling, but to Fortune Telling

Episode 63: As For Cold of Teacher Running Balance it is!

Episode 64: Kirby New Year

Episode 65: Knuckle Joe Escapes!

Episode 66: The Wandering Pengi

Episode 67: Monster Teacher 2

Episode 68: Tournament! Delivery Times

Episode 69: Echo Tour of Whispy Woods

Episode 70: Legend of Sir Tokori

Episode 71: Glued! Whale Watching

Episode 72: Waddle Dees For Sale

Episode 73: Turn! Revolving Sushi

Episode 74: Mosugabaa's Counterattack!

Episode 75: Dream of Dinosaur's Paradise - Part 1

Episode 76: Dream of Dinosaur's Paradise - Part 2

Episode 77: Royal AcaDededemy

Episode 78: Launch! Escargoon-Robo!

Episode 79: Bonker's Appears!

Episode 80: Strong! Drink Rhapsody

Episode 81: (Title Unknown)

Episode 82: Combining Robot

Episode 83: Monster Teacher 3

Episode 84: Curio's Secret Treasure

Episode 85: Ultraviolet Rays of Mystery

Episode 86: Pupil Confrontation! Cook Nagoya!

Episode 87: Attack! Crow Kitchen Corps!

Episode 88: Escargoon's Nudity

Episode 89: Otaku Anime! Tiff's Star

Episode 90: Blast Running! The Dedede Race - Part 1

Episode 91: Blast Running! The Dedede Race - Part 2

Episode 92: Waddle Dee's Great Food Culture Revolution

Episode 93: Kirby Appreciation Day!

Episode 94: Escaped Animal Demon Fanfan

Episode 95: Devil Kirby!

Episode 96: Crisis the Warp Star - Part 1

Episode 97: Crisis the Warp Star - Part 2

Episode 98: Takeoff! Battleship Halberd!

Episode 99: Destruction! Nightmare's Giant Fortress

Episode 100: Fly! Kirby of Star