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COMPLETE ENEMIES LIST     (Under Construction!)


Found in Extra Game, this guy will float around all day long flipping and flopping around.


In the extra game, there's a guy named Blatzy. Blatzy's like Shotzo except he will shoot like heck everyewhere alot more violently and fastly than poor little Shotzo.


AHH! A BLIPPER! GET THE HECK OUT OF THE WATER BEFORE HE KILLS US ALL! Just incase you were wondering, Blipper is hardly even harmful in water, and harmless on land.


Hey cool a cupcake, ahhh, yummm. You can eat em' if you want but they will shoot icing at you if you're not careful. In the Extra Game, Cappys are gone and Bloppers are here!


Inhabitants of Castle Lololo, these ghosts hate intruders. They will circle around Kirby and eventually hurt the poor puff.


Who's the talented sword thrower around? If you guessed Sir Kibble, your dead wrong. In Kirby's DreamLand, someone rules over Sir Kibble. Boomer. He will throw his swords at increasingly fast speeds, making them difficult to attack. They replace Sir Kibble in Extra Game.


Everyone recognizes Bronto Burt, right? So everyone knows what they do, right? They'll fly around peacefully until Kirby comes then starts chasing after him.


These guys just want to do a good deed of KEEPING THE PLACE CLEAN!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, he wants to sweep up Kirby. They are weak enemies however, and aren't magnets to you like Bronto Burt.


These crazed enemies hop around blindfolded by the mushroom cap on his head. If you try to inhale him you will just inhale the mushroom cap. There, now they're not freaky. do what you would normally do to kill it.


These lil' pelican dudes are seen flyin' threw the skys in the extra game. Just kill them like you would kill a Bronto Burt.


This guy is a CrAzY lil' ball with a long wild tongue that will jump out of the corners on Castle Lolol and try to spook Kirby in the extra game.


Coner is a little shellfish that is very comon in the Float Islands. Kirby won't be able to inhale him when he hides in his shell.


Dizzy is found riding the winds of the Bubbley Clouds region. Be carful not to let him crash into you!


Flipper is a bat that lives in the darkness of Castle Lololo. They are usualy found living in groups.


Flotzo is an octopuss that is common in the Float Islands. He will jump around trying to land on Kirby. Flotzo replaces Squishy in the extra game.


Gaspar is a slugish little guy that is found crawling around the levels in the extra game.


Glunk is a sea anemone that is found in the Float Islands. He will try to shoot blasts of water at Kirby so watch out!

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