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Here are the Bios of the 'Not So Important' Characters:

Whispy Woods:
Whispy Woods is the ruler of Cappy Town's forest.KingDedede lied to Whispy & said that Kirby was going to destory him.Whispy also had a flower Girlfriend named Lovely that was a monster.
Great Kabu:
The Giant Knowledgeable Kabu that Cappy Town Relies on for info. Also gives Kirby his Warpstar when called upon by Tiff
Chief Bookum:
The main Officer of Cappy Town.
Chef Kawasaki:
Chef Kawasaki is the only cook in Cappy Town, but apparently, nobody likes his food except for Kirby.
Waddle Dee:
King Dedede's Loyal and clumsy servants.
Kine, Rick and Coo
They are always willing to help out Kirby in any way they can.
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